The Risen Electric Difference

At Risen Electric Co., we believe that a company can only thrive when the services offered are carried out with character, professionalism and quality. We've committed ourselves to ensure the best possible experience for our customers by striving for excellence in these three traits.




Community involvement is important. We've partnered with organizations that donate to local ministries as well as international charities. Our goal in doing so is to express God's love and help bring about positive change in lives across the world.


You should feel comfortable with those who you invite into your home or office and that is why character and professionalism are inseparable. When we come to work for you, you can rest assured our employees will show respect to you and your whole family in appearance, conversation, ethic and time.

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Professionalism and quality go hand in hand. All work is performed in accordance with the National Electrical Code and to our high standard of quality which is why we offer a 5 year warranty on any equipment installed or work performed on your property. We're in it for the long haul and we believe our work is also.