"I had the main breaker on my old electric panel break and was unable to turn the power back on.
I was also in need of an updated electrical panel, as my old one was rusted out and not mounted on the wall properly.
Risen Electric was there the next day. They rewired a new and updated electrical panel that was up to code and mounted properly.
I highly recommend using Risen Electric for any of your electrical needs!"

-Jimmy Bridgeman


"The work was timely and done with care. Company puts the needs of the client first. Very good at simplifying your choices and weighing out your long term needs vs short term cost. Good Job!!!"

-Daniel England


"Zach Langloss, of Risen Electric 💡Co. thank you so much for the outlets you added to our home. Your work was good, clean, and most of all very prompt. You were very pleasant and courteous. I would recommend anyone who needs some electrical work done to call Zach at Risen Electric"

-Gayala Hale VanOrder